Reimagining Hope - Hobart LIVE | The Edge

Reimagining Hope - Hobart LIVE

Taking climate change to The Edge
Thu 18 Mar

One of Australia's former Prime Ministers once declared climate change to be the "greatest moral challenge of our generation." Yet, some within our culture feel that we have not risen to this challenge, which leaves many of us to see humanity's future as bleak.

Is there hope amidst the challenge of climate change? How can we navigate an uncertain and fragile future? 

We take this discussion beyond the edge by going to the ends of the earth. 

Matt King (Professor of Polar Geodesy, University of Tasmania) will consider how to reimagine hope within the subject of climate change with his vast experience in Antarctica. 

Mikey Lynch (University Fellowship of Christians) will answer this question by pointing to the potential source of hope.

There will be plenty of time for questions and where you can take both speakers to the Edge.

Please note: Due to COVID-19 restrictions this event is limited to 29 people in person. Hence the 'secret link' to manage registrations. 

Please contact Russ Matthews for further information.