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Crossing the Cultural Divide

Deb Hannaford, Stephen Lam, Sam Chan, Justine Toh
18 Oct 2018
What can we learn from each other?

Finding Validation

Leisa Aitken, Max Jeganathan
17 Aug 2018
Latest videos of The Edge talks and the panel discussion

It's Ok, You Belong - Mastering the fear of being a fake

Justine Toh, Steve King, Sam Chan
17 May 2018
Videos of speakers: Justine Toh and Steve King

Leadership that sticks

Michelle Lim, Mike Baird, Sam Chan
22 Mar 2018
How to lead from the front (and back)

Beyond worry

Jee Hyun Kim, Peter Hughes
12 Oct 2017
The science and stories behind anxiety, fear and depression

Behind the magic - Why do films matter?

Mark Hadley, Giles Hardie
22 Jun 2017
What does the film industry do to keep you coming back for more?

Screentime - who is in control?

Mark Dando, Eliane Miles
18 May 2017
Are you a surfer on a wave of new tech? Or a lab rat clicking its feed button?